About us


Kids’ Kiosk and First Steps are English speaking international kindergartens located in the heart of District II in Budapest, Hungary. Founded in 2009 and 2013 by our school principle Branca Latinovic who worked for many years in Budapest international schools, we now provide pre-K and kindergarten education for children of over 20 different nationalities! The kindergartens’ educational family was joined in 2015 by Budapest British International Academy, a primary school in District XII.


All classes are taught by at least one native English speaking teacher, supported by an English speaking (non-native) teacher and/or classroom assistants. Classes are comprised of children of a similar age, from a range of countries around the world. Not all children speak English when they enter our kindergartens, but our language of instruction and daily life is English, so children pick up the language rapidly.

Educational Community

We believe in the importance of family involvement in children’s education. Your child’s teacher will provide you with regular progress updates and we schedule parent-teacher meetings to facilitate any questions you may have. We also use Facebook groups to keep parents informed on a daily basis, not only abut what’s going on in your child’s class, but what’s happening at the school in general!

We would like to invite you to visit our school and see for yourself what we can offer!





House Rules and Policies

The safety and well-being of our learning community always comes first! We would like to ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Please make sure that the Entrance gate and all doors and gates within the school building are properly closed all time.
  • ·Parents who are on school premises are responsible for their own children
  • ·We ask that children are dropped off in the morning no later than their group’s first scheduled activity, and that parents leave the classrooms at that time as well. If the child arrives after the day’s activities have commenced, he or she must enter the classroom without their parent so as not to disrupt the class. It can be very upsetting for some children to see others’ parents sticking around when their own is not.
  • If child is attending only mornings, we ask that parents pick them up directly after lunch, in order to not disturb the other children’s nap time or other activities.
  • Only Kids’ Kiosk and First Steps staff can enter the kitchen and boiler room.
  • Please send written notice to info@kidskiosk.eu by 12:00pm at the latest if another authorized person will collect your child. Please inform authorized person to bring ID.
  • We cannot allow children to be picked up by anyone under the age of 18.
  • Please give us a call or e-mail ASAP if your child gets sick especially if it is contagious!
  • Please note: only HEALTHY CHILDREN can attend school!
  • Our school will not tolerate any type of aggression among children, parents, and/or staff. After three warnings we reserve the right to require individuals unable to follow our guidelines to leave the school permanently.

Garden Rules

The safety and well-being of our learning community always comes first, therefore we would like to ask you to follow these guidelines:

 Please always notify your child’s teacher or the Gate Duty teacher when you arrive to pick up your child.

Parents who come after 4pm must sign their child out using the form provided by the late duty teachers

  • Our teaching staff are not available after 5pm to supervise children, so please come to pick up your child on time. If you require assistance finding a babysitter to help you with after school care please Eva Vancso +36 705079809 a highly recommended former colleague who now runs a babysitting agency.
    Do not give your child or other children food (candy, cookies etc.) in the garden. Giving your child treats causes jealousy in the other children, and while sharing is normally a lovely thing, it does not allow our staff to account for the dietary concerns of some of our students.
  • Children are welcome to use our garden until their Parents arrive. Once a child is signed out, we must ask that they remain in the garden for no more than 15 more minutes, as it becomes very difficult for teachers to account for the children they are still responsible for and supervise them safely when the garden is full of extra kids, parents, and babysitters.
  • While we love to see our students’ older siblings at pick-up times, we must reserve the right to ask these children to sit and wait for their parents during pick-up if they are behaving in an unsafe manner. Our garden equipment and toys are designed for small children, so use by kids who are too big can cause breakage. Aggressive or otherwise dangerous play is not permitted on school premises.