This group is the final stepping stone in children’s’ education at the kindergarten. The children in this group are between 5 and 7 years old. They are taught by two teachers, Cikra and Kata. Cikra has been teaching with Kids’ Kiosk for 7 years. She has a background in Early Childhood education and highly enjoys teaching the children and preparing them for school. Kata is a brand new enthusiastic teacher with us who has just received her teaching degree from university and is looking forward to finally using her knowledge to teach children.

In this class children are finally learning the art of reading and writing as well as math, such as adding, subtracting, reading clocks, learning the calendar, and learning about sciences through fun and exciting activities and projects. When they finish this class the children will be well prepared to start formal education as confident and successful learners.

Below is a sample class schedule for this age. Please note that the schedule changes throughout the year to fit the group’s needs.

Butterflies Act