We have a variety of events throughout the year, both for the children and for the whole family! Please see our calendar for exact dates!

First day of school 2016: September 5!

In September, we have Welcome Meetings for all groups. In these meetings, parent groups get to know their children’s class teachers, and learn about school policies, important dates, curriculum, schedules, and other plans. Consultation meetings will be available later in the fall to address any concerns that arise after the Welcome Meeting has occurred.

November is International Month, when teachers will invite parents into the classroom to present aspects of their home cultures to the class. In the past, presentations have included teaching the children to make a food item from their home culture(bread, dumplings, sushi, waffles, etc), presenting culturally significant stories or iconic cartoon characters, acting out plays based on folklore, and teaching traditional dances.

In December, the kindergartens receive a visit from Santa! We also invite the parents to come and see a Winter show presented by their class.

In January and February, Progress Meetings will be held one-on-one with parents and class teachers to check-in on the children’s development.

In May, we celebrate Mothers and Fathers at Family Day! This is a show and party hosted by your child’s class.

June concludes the traditional school year, although our facilities continue operation into July, so we have our Year End Show towards the end of the month. This is a cooperative show between all of the classes, and ends in an international potluck feast!

The last day of school is July 20, 2017.

We will have assemblies throughout the year on special days, such as World Animal Day, Diwali, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Farsang, Nowruz, and Earth Day! These are times for the children from different classes to come together and learn from each other, as a part of the regular school day.