This group welcomes children who are 4 years of age. They have two lovely teachers, Sarah and Angelika. Sarah has been teaching for several years and this is her third year of teaching at Kids’ Kiosk and is highly enthusiastic in her teaching. Angelika is starting her second year at Kids’ Kiosk after returning to Hungary from Ireland where she also worked as a teacher.

In this group children learn more complex math and literacy skills, getting them ready for reading and writing. Field trips are also a regular part of their schedule where they learn important skills of cooperation, following directions, and general safety rules when out and about. They also partake in swimming, ballet, and other motor skills activities to further develop their motor skills, which is an important aspect of later school learning.

Below is a sample class schedule for this age. Please note that the schedule changes throughout the year to fit the group’s needs.

Frogs Act