This class welcomes the youngest students at school. The kids are 2-3 years old and have 3 teachers taking care of them. The class is led by Edina who has been teaching for several years and has been at Kids’ Kiosk for 5 years. She is assisted by Veronika and Eva. Veronika has a background in psychology and has worked with children for several years.  Eva is starting her third year at Kids’ Kiosk and she is the mother figure of the group, always ready for hugs from the children.

In the group the teachers focus on basic vocabulary and there is a lot of focus on personal maintenance and life skills. They also incorporate a lot of music, singing, dancing, and moving into their everyday learning. In this class they get the foundations for more complex learning in future classes.

Below is a sample class schedule for this age. Please note that the schedule changes throughout the year to fit the group’s needs.

Grasshoppers Act